Introduction: Definition, scope and subdivision of geology.

Aspects of geology and their relevance to Civil Engineering, Brief discussion on the origin and evolution of the planets, the earth and its relations to the sun, and other planets.

                        Structure and Composition of the Earth: The core, the mantle and the crust. Composition of the various layers. Radioactivity and magnetism of some rocks and minerals.

                        Geological processes:

                        Exogenic processes (weathering and erosion)

                        Endogenic processes (Magma – its origin, Crystallization. Differential and solidification into rocks, earth quakes, volcanoes, rifting and continental drifts).

                        Geotectonic Processes:

folding, faulting, joining and rifting

 isostasy, changes in custatic sea levels, causes and effects

 transgression and regression

 tectonic and sedimentation

 Geological structure and mapping. Rocks and minerals. Stratigraphy – time scale – fossils and their importance: special reference to Nigeria. Introduction to geology of Nigeria. Engineering Application – water supply, site investigation – Dams, dykes, etc.


Level of Study: 300 Level