The philosophy and mission of Political Science and Public Administration as a discipline is to produce graduates with a critical mind, requisite ability and skill to comprehend, analyze, predict and influence the factors that shape and mould power relationships in an ever-changing socio-political environment in a globalized world; as well as having competence to manage complex relations in the ever changing bureaucracy and growing business environment.


The main objectives of a degree in Political Science and Public Administration are:

i. To provide training in the principles of Political Science and Public Administration and their application.

ii. Stimulate the students intellectually through the programme, in such a way that they understand and appreciate social problems.

iii. To provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the workings of society and its institutions and develop the skills for the constructive use of such knowledge.

iv. To develop in students, the ability to apply the knowledge to the resolution of societal problems and conflicts.

v. To develop in students, such skills and competency that would allow them to be self reliant and entrepreneurial.

vi. Provide the students with necessary skills for studying and analyzing society.

vii. Provide the students with the skill-base from which they can proceed to higher studies in Political Science and Public Administration.

viii. To imbibe in the students a deep appreciation of the political dynamics of society and the impact of this on wider socio-economic development and societal well- being.