The Oba Erediauwa College of Law was established by the University at its inception in 1999 conscious of the fact that the development of the law is a continuing process and that a large area of the law remains obscure and unexplored, while there is also an acute shortage of manpower for the Universities and other institutions of higher learning. The College has since then continued to make progress and has venture into the Postgraduate field. This must be so in view of new developments with far-reaching social, economic and political implications, which continue to impact on various branches of our law globally.

 This calls for the introduction of new courses as well as titles in response to these developments and with a view to meet in the challenges of the 21st century.


The programmes are aimed at providing opportunities for Law graduates to undertake further studies and research with a view to broadening their outlook in law. The programmes will also, prepare them for the high-level manpower needs of the Universities and other institutions of higher learning, research institutes, the judiciary, the Bar, the civil service and the private sector.

The programmes are also aimed at facilitating research activities both by staff and students which research activities will lead to the advancement of knowledge in various area of the Law.


(a) The College will offer courses leading to the award of the LL.M and MPhil degrees. For each of the degree, the four courses are chosen from the various Departments in the College.

(b) The College will also run the A Ph.D. degree programme in Law. A candidate is expected to write and defend a thesis on a chose topic in a particular field or subject of his/her choice. Upon successful completion of the courses, a PhD degree in Law may be awarded.