The Bachelor of Nursing Sciences degree requires systematic acquisition of knowledge in the arts and sciences leading to the acquisition of the philosophical attitudes essential for professional Nursing practice. The BNSc program of Igbinedion University is professional as well as academic. It ensures that men and women who are genuinely interested in the Nursing profession are able to pursue an academic career like their counterparts in other disciplines.


 The philosophy of the department of Nursing Science of School of Clinical Medicine of Igbinedion University, Okada is in consonance with the philosophy of education in Nigeria and that of the Igbinedion University:

The nursing faculty believes that the Department of Nursing Science should have the greatest concern for service through high standards of scholarship and personal character. The ultimate purpose being the advancement of public welfare and culture through wider and deeper knowledge, finer skills, and broader appreciation of human values and the African cultural heritage.



To uphold the academic standards stipulated by the Igbinedion Universtiy, Okada

To provide a milieu conducive to learning and practicing of quality nursing care

To graduate professional nurses capable of providing high quality nursing care to individuals, families and communities of diverse background and in a variety of social and cultural settings nationally and globally

To assist students in learning to solve problems by exposing them to problem situations and by solving them in research projects

To provide professional nurse practitioners who will be intellectually stimulated to continually improve their practice skills through the utilization of research findings and a commitment to self development.