The departmental mission is to develop into a national resource that will continue to support the development of Nigeria, its economic diversification to make it responsive to the needs of government, industry and society. Thus, the department will provide: State-of-the-art technological and Engineering training that prepares the graduates for responsibilities of the workplace.


The objective of this programme is in consonance with the realization of national needs and aspirations vis -à-vis industrial development and technological emancipation. The graduates must therefore be resourceful, creative, knowledgeable and able to perform the following:

  1. To design Mechanical Engineering projects and supervise their implementation.
  2. To design and implement components, machines, equipment and systems.
  3. To design and develop new products and production techniques in industries.
  4. To install and maintain complex engineering systems so that they can perform optimally in our environment.
  5. To be able to exercise original thought, have good professional judgment and be able to take responsibility for the direction of important tasks.