This is to introduce medical students to Haematology as a subject and a clinical discipline. Requirement: It is expected that the students would have gone through the pre-clinical programme of the MBBS and must have satisfied the examiners at the 2nd MB exams (Part I MBBS).

 Haematology shall be taught in three modules as soon as the students commence the clinical programme. It shall be taught alongside the other disciplines in laboratory medicine i.e. Histopathology, Chemical Pathology, Medical microbiology & Parasitology. Each module shall be for eight weeks, there shall be 8-16 hrs of lecture in each module; 2hr practical class shall accompany each hour of lecture. At the end of each module, there shall be an end of posting test to assess the students’ knowledge. The three modules shall be intercalated with the other clinical postings.

 Introduction to Haematology

 Introduction to serology and the organisation of a blood bank The coagulation cascade and routine coagulation tests

Reference values in Haematology and interpretation of results

 The different Romanowsky stains and anticoagulants used in Haematology Biosafety guidelines

Haemopoesis: erythropoesis, granulocytopoesis Haemoglobin structure and function


Level of Study: 400 Level

 Burkitt’s lymphoma

 Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma Hodgkins disease

Acute lymphoblastic lymphoma Acute myeloblastic lymphoma Chronic lymphocytic lymphoma Chronic myeloblastic lymphoma The myeloproliferative disorders Multiple myeloma

The inherited bleeding disorders Acquired disorders of coagulation Thromboembolic disorders

Level of Study: 500 Level

 Iron deficiency anaemia Megaloblastic anaemia

Haemoglobinopathies : Structural defects

 Haemoglobinopathies: Quantitative defects

 Enzymopathies: G6PD deficiency

 Membranopathies: Hereditary sherocytosis, Hereditary Elliptocytosis Paroxysmal Nocturnal haemiglobinuria

Safe blood, blood collection & processing The ABO blood group system

Rhesus blood group system

 Transfusion reactions and management Haemolytic disease of the newborn

Preparation of blood components


Level of Study: 500 Level