The philosophy of the Department of Chemical Sciences is the production of highly skilled industrial chemists required for the rapid industrial, technological and socio-economic development of Nigeria and Edo State in particular. Accordingly, emphasis is-placed on:

(i)        Training of the student to have interest in and capacity for the

application of scientific principles.

(ii)      The application of scientific principles and methods towards

solving societal problems,

(iii)     The development in the students of the capacity for innovation

and improvisation of materials from local resources.


The undergraduate programme is targeted to meet the following objectives:

(i)     To  produce highly  skilled industrial chemists that would         sustain, improve and develop the manufacturing and        processing activities of industrial establishments,

(ii)      To   generate  skilled  industrial chemists  for  Government     research institutions and parastatals, who will effectively          utilize   their chemical knowledge and skill in the        development process of the country.

(iii)     To provide skilled chemists that can harness and provide

chemical data on the vast natural resources of the country.   

 (iv)     To meet the demand for skilled chemists required in many of

our secondary and post-secondary institutions,

  (v)      To foster Inter-disciplinary research activities with other



The Department of Chemical Sciences offers three programmes,

Industrial Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry and Chemistry leading to the award of the degrees:

(i)                 B.Sc. (Hons) Industrial Chemistry

(ii)               BSc (Hons) Petroleum Chemistry

(iii)             BSc (Hons) Chemistry