The importance of Physics in the development of modern technology cannot be over-emphasized. Accordingly, the degree programme are geared towards the in depth acquisition of the right type of skills, scientific knowledge, competence and norms in both the theoretical and the experimental aspects of the subjects and its related disciplines. This will ensure that the products of the programme dream of a sound scientific base technological and industrial advancement.  The Department currently serves as Service Department to other Departments in the University as it does not have its own students.


A.  The degree programme aims at providing the student with an intellectual environment favourable for the study of pure physics, Geophysics and related disciplines so that at the end of the training the products will be capable of:

  1. Pursuing research in pure/applied physics in any chosen field.
  2. Working in several public establishments such as Meteorology departments of Telecommunication, Aviation, Energy centres, surveying and medical physics, as well as in private establishment, mining and steel industries and manufacturing plants, and in the development of new materials and other sources of energy.
  3. Teaching in order to maintain the important cycle of imparting knowledge to future generation of Physicists and Geophysicists.
  4. Working in supervisory/advisory capacity in industries and other productive sectors of the economy.
  5. Converting into the engineering fields in such areas as Electrical Engineering, Computer Technology, etc.

B.  Physics, being fundamental to the proper understanding of other areas of science, the Department also aims at providing service courses for students in other departments/units of the university.